Serval Maps Utils Released

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By: Paul O’Donoghue

Today I am releasing two new applications that I developed last week. They are part of a suite of utilities that I’ve labelled Serval Maps Utils. The aim of these applications is to make it easier to work with data related to the use of Serval Maps. The first two applications are focused on the use of mapsforge data.

For those not familiar with mapsforge it is the map rendering library, and associated binary map data format, that is used to underpin the Serval Maps application.

The first application is called MapFileIndex. The purpose of this application is to generate an index file for a repository of mapsforge data files. The index file will make it easier to work with the Serval Maps Download Service which is currently under development.

The second application is called MapFileTester. The purpose of this application is to check to ensure that all map data files in a repository are valid. If a file is found to be not valid an error text is output to the screen.

Both of these application are  written in Java and use a command-line interface.

As with all Serval Maps related applications the source code is available via the Serval Project git repository.

We encourage you to checkout the applications and let us know if you have any feedback.

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