New Serval Maps Util – OSM PBF Bounding Box Split

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By: Du-Sa-Ni-Ma

Today I’ve added a fourth application to the Serval Maps Utils collection of utility application to help support the development of the Serval Maps application.

The rationale for this application is to split a bounding box, defined in an OpenStreetMap data file (in the PBF format), into four equal quadrants. Optionally the application can use an Osmosis script template to split the input file into four smaller separate files.

This application came about because I have a series of directories that contain data files that I need to convert into the mapsforge format for use with the Serval Maps application.

The size of some of these files proves to be prohibitive to the conversion process for two main reasons:

  1. It takes a significant amount of time to do the conversion
  2. The size of the resulting mapsforge file is too large to use on a mobile device

As with all of the Serval Maps utility applications the source code for the application is available in the Serval Maps Utils repository on GitHub.

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