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I have been using Balsamiq to wireframe UI for our upcoming releases. (If anyone is interested, I have a template for our standard phone – the Huawei Ideos 8180 or 8150). I use iMockups on my iPad, and that can work well with Balsamiq, which is nice.

However, today I am changing to Wireframesketcher – just to see how it goes. There is a 14 day trial, after all. It integrates with Eclipse, and I am going to see if that streamlines the process at all.

Wireframing is relatively simple, at least as compared to this time last year, when tools were fewer –  and then good ones of those were far between. However, exporting mockups to usable phone app mockups (for demonstration purposes) remains problematic. Two solutions (based around Balsamiq), are Canappi & Mockups2Android.

Canappi converts Balsamiq files (or wireframes from Apple’s Interface Builder) into an intermediate language that then can be converted to Android files (however, a simple mockup from Balsamiq failed for me at that second step).

Mockups2Android is an Android app that takes Balsamiq files and converts on the phone to a usable mockup. However, it is NOT compatible with the Huawei Ideos range – so pretty useless for us. There is  demo version if anyone wishes to try – and please, if so inclined, pass on feedback to me.


I will evaluate Wireframesketcher and post on that – and also continue to post on anything else we find in the way of tools for UI.


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