Serval Maps 0.3 is Released

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By: sourcecoda

Late last Friday I finalised the code for version 0.3 of the Serval Maps application.

Serval Maps is an application that provides a platform that supports collaborative mapping activities on Android powered smartphones. Data is exchanged between users of the Serval Maps application using the AdHoc Mesh network powered by the Serval Mesh software.

New functionality includes:

This version of Serval Maps relies on the version of Rhizome in versions of the Serval Mesh software prior to version 0.09. Rhizome is a file and data sharing technology that is used to efficiently share files and data over an AdHoc mesh network. A brief introduction to the technology is available here.

Version 0.09 of the Serval Mesh software introduces a greatly improved version of Rhizome which is not backwards compatible with the old version. When version 0.09 of the Serval Mesh software is released a new version of Serval Maps will also be released that integrates with the new version of Rhizome.

Planning and development for other new Serval Maps features are currently underway including the ability to add tags to Points of Interest, and the ability to download custom map data files from a Serval Project server. You can see the list of upcoming features in the development roadmap here.

The “Serval” photo was uploaded to Flickr by sourcecoda and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

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