Open-Source Collapsable Communications Tower

I have been helping some mechanical engineering students from the side-lines with a project to make an open-source rapidly-erectable communications tower, with internal space for comms gear and batteries. I hadn’t caught up with them for a few months, but today was student expo for the department, and so I went down to see what […]

Serval recognised in International Red Cross/Crescent World Disasters Report

It is very pleasing to see our partnership with New Zealand Red Cross to enable communications during disasters has been recognised in the International Federation of the Red Cross/Crescent (IFRC) World Disasters Report. “This collaboration between the New Zealand Red Cross, DeLorme and Serval has created a communications system with many benefits from the complementary […]

Improved 3D printable case for mesh extender

In recent blog posts I have been talking about the 3D printable cases for the mesh extender prototypes.  We had a little problem with the first prototype not fitting the USB memory sticks that we had, so Musti kindly tweaked the design to make more room, as can be seen in this shot:  With the […]

Mesh Extender custom case fitting

As mentioned in the last post we now have a 3D printable case for the MR3020-based Mesh Extender prototypes.  Until today we had only seen the images of the one that Musti printed in Slovenia.  But now thanks to the technical staff here in the department, we got one printed up this morning while I […]

Custom case for MR3020 based Mesh Extender prototypes

With the help of the very capable Musti from WLAN Slovenija and some of our crowd funding campaign funds (thank you again to everyone who contributed!) we now have a nice 3D-printable case for the MR3020-based Mesh Extender prototypes. The following images are supplied by Musti, as we are yet to print some of these out […]