Very pleased and somewhat proud) to announce that Corey Wallis and myself will be representing Serval at LCA early next year. If you are attending, please, consider attending our talks on the Wednesday afternoon. Many Serval people should be on hand for question and answer sessions, and depending on the energy levels, perhaps offering impromptu […]

Batphone targets blackspots

Image via Wikipedia Our own Dr Paul has been interviews on the ABC‘s Bush Telegraph rogram about how regional and rural communities in Australia could benefit from the technological future offered by Serval – all at an incredibly low cost compared to current technologies… Batphone targets blackspots – 25/08/2010. It would be fantastic if we […]

Code available!

The DNA source code is now available under GPLv2 at:¬† We are proud about our use of Open Source technology¬†as a backbone to all our endeavours to help people globally in times of need – whether they be temporary, due to disaster, or more permanent issues, due to geographic issues, or socio economic constraints. We […]