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We are a very new group, and we are just starting to test the technology, and get things developed for real prototyping. All our energy is going into fundraising, and trying to establish further avenues of testing. As the photo reminds us – all technology, even something like the Gutenberg press, that can change the world, needs time and work – and funding.

As we use Open Source technology in all that we do, we truly hold to the Open Source way of development, and have released all of our software under open source licenses.

What we need most right now is funding and resources – resources like developers, and people who can do media, or have great ideas.

We now have a growing Developers’ Site – there you can join the Technical Mailing List, or download prototype software for testing for Android handsets.

We also require donations – please contact us directly for how you can assist there. We are also looking for collaborative partnerships and sponsorships – please use this form.

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